Why refer your customers to Lendio Denver?


Lendio Denver gets to say “Yes!” when many banks say “No.”

Nationwide, up to 80% of small business loans are rejected. Business owners who can’t show sufficient cash flow, have an uneven credit history, lack collateral, or have been open for only a limited time often struggle to get traditional financing.

Lendio Denver can help through our curated Financial Marketplace. We offer exclusive access to 75+ lenders who provide a broad range of highly flexible and affordable financing vehicles.



We make applying easy

15 minutes is all it takes for your clients to apply online—from there, the Lendio Denver team will guide your clients through the process, working with them to identify needed documentation and crafting their applications for the best chance of success.

Curated financial marketplaces like ours approve around 60% of loan applicants, and we often have an answer for them in as little as 24 hours.


We're a partner, not a lender

Lendio Denver doesn’t lend money. Instead, we connect small business owners with top-tier lenders who are eager for their business. We get to know their business challenges, working alongside them to help them choose the right financing options for their specific needs and business situation.


As they should, your clients look to you first for financing. When you’re unable to help, Lendio Denver could be the answer they need.

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